MicroCare Corp. Features New Fiber Optic Cleaning Innovations at BICSI Winter 2015

MicroCare Corporation, leading manufacturer of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, is introducing the newest additions to its STICKLERS™ family of fiber optic cleaning tools at the BICSI Winter Expo, Booth #321, in Orlando, Florida from 23-26 February 2015.

At the Expo, MicroCare will introduce the new Sticklers™ CleanClicker™ push-to-clean tools. These tools deliver the lowest cost-per-cleaning in a convenient, ergonomic cleaning tool. The CleanClicker™ tools contain more than 750 cleaning “clicks” and can clean both male jumpers and female ports. CleanClicker™ tools are available in three sizes: for the 2.5mm configurations, the 1.2mm configurations, and the fast-growing MTP/MPO design often used in data centers, central offices and cable TV head ends. Perhaps most importantly, these tools, which are built to Sticklers™ standards of quality and engineering, have the most gentle activation on the market. This means the pressure applied to the end-face is reduced which minimizes the chance of scratching the end-face or damaging the connector.

The Sticklers™ booth also will feature an upgrade to the highly popular Sticklers™ cleaning kits. The latest version of these kits will include two CleanClicker™ tools, allowing each kit to clean more than 3,000 connectors. In a cost-per-clean basis, it’s an incredible value.

The BICSI Winter expo is the first big show of the year for the fiber optics industry, and the Sticklers® team will make a major presence at the show. In addition to having one of the largest stands at the show, Sticklers™ also is a silver sponsor of the exhibition. Sticklers™ products also will be used in the “Cabling Skills Challenge” — a competition in which skilled technicians from around the world match their skills in “real world” tests of fiber installation techniques. The Sticklers™ products will be used for cleaning fiber end-faces, splicing procedures, and all of the other cleaning procedures contenders will face. It’s going to be a very exciting event.

The full range of Stickers™ fiber cleaning products will be exhibited on booth #321 from 23-26 February 2015 at the BICSI Winter Conference.