MicroCare Corporation Introduces the Industry’s Strongest VOC-Free Flux Remover-UltraClean

NEW BRITAIN, CONNECTICUT – November 14, 2012 – MicroCare Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision cleaning, coating and lubrication products has launched its newest innovative VOC-Exempt formula, VOC-Free Flux Remover-UltraClean™.

The MicroCare VOC-Free Flux Remover, UltraClean™, is a non-chlorinated, halogen-free cleaning fluid formulated to clean rosin fluxes, OA fluxes, synthetic fluxes, “no-clean” fluxes and hard-to-clean solder pastes used in the assembly and manufacture of printed circuit boards. Ideal for rework and repair tasks, it is also suitable for use in cleaning fingerprints, moisture, light oxides, dust and other airborne contamination frequently found on circuit boards returned for warranty or service work. It has low odor, medium strength and dries quickly.

All ingredients of the VOC-Free Flux Remover are designated by the US EPA as VOC-exempt, and this formula complies with California CARB (California Resources Board) and SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District) VOC regulations. It also is labelled in compliance with Canadian WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) requirements.

VOC-Free Flux Remover-UltraClean™, can also be dispensed using the MicroCare TriggerGrip™ for a faster, safer, and more economical process of cleaning printed circuit boards at the workbench. Jay Tourigny, Senior Vice President of MicroCare Corporation said: “The MicroCare VOC-Free Flux Remover, UltraClean™ is a high purity cleaner that is non-corrosive, plastic-safe and dries with no residue. This product meets all regulatory compliance and the growing need for a non-chlorinated, halogen-free flux remover.”

Key product benefits include:

  • VOC-Exempt Formula
  • Highly Effective On Rosin-Based Fluxes & Pastes
  • Removes Silicone Residues Found On Circuit Boards
  • Low Odor, Medium Strength, Quick Drying Speed
  • Non-Chlorinated/Halogen-Free
  • Plastic-Safe

The MicroCare VOC-Free Flux Remover, UltraClean™ will be available through distribution mid-December 2012 in the USA.