MicroCare Corporation Launches OPTIXX™ Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaing Kit

Latest Fiber Optic Cleaning System

NEW BRITAIN, CT – October 12, 2014 – MicroCare Corporation, the leader in progressive precision and fiber optic cleaning launches Optixx™, the industry’s most advanced optical cleaning solution. Optixx, from the makers of Sticklers™, is fast-drying, nonflammable, nonhazardous, and plastic-safe. It is completely effective in getting rid of soils such as dust, oil, grime, and moisture from optical lens, metals, plastic, glass and coatings. OPTIXX™ is used to obtain spot-free, perfectly clean every time optical assemblies and lenses. It is also engineered to clean solar cells, laser hardware, scientific instruments and high-precision optics.

“We developed a new cleaning wipe and dispensing package specifically for this application. The wipes are pivotal to high performance cleaning and have been engineered for unmatched performance in removing all types of contamination. The new wipes actually will make a surface shed dust and particles without any topical coatings. That’s unheard of with a disposable wipe”, said Jay Tourigny, Vice President of MicroCare Corporation. OPTIXX™ Optical-Grade High Purity Lint-Free Wipes make “Wet-Dry” cleaning fast, efficient and convenient

The new OPTIXX™ Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit is engineered for user convenience and real world cleaning requirements. Each kit includes a non-pressurized, metered volume dispenser of the nonflammable OPTIXX™ optical-grade high-purity cleaning fluid and a specially designed dispenser containing 100 of the OPTIXX™ optical-grade, lint-free wipes. The contents of the OPTIXX™ Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit are ideally suited to the cleaning of dust, oil, dirt, fingerprints, pyrotechnic soot, moisture and similar environment generated contamination.

The OPTIXX™ optical-grade high-purity cleaning fluid is packaged in a hermetically sealed 3 oz./85 g, metered volume dispenser and can be transported as nonhazardous, non-regulated. This means the kit can be shipped anywhere using any mode, even via commercial airlines, without HAZMAT paperwork and costs. The OPTIXX™ optical-grade, lint-free wipes are static dissipating, non-tearing, nonabrasive and exceed federal standard A-A-50177B Type 1, Class 4 spec for optical grade wipes. When used together, they provide users with perfectly clean precision lens and instrument screens 100% of the time.