MicroCare Expands Library of Cleaning Resources on Web Site

MicroCare Corp., the industry’s leading manufacturer of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, has further enhanced their technology leadership status with the deployment of a new web-based ‘Resources’ feature on the MicroCare web site. This library of cleaning “how to” knowledge supports the company involvement in many industries, including electronics, fiber optics, medical devices and precision cleaning.

The Resources pane adds a new dimension to the site. The new segment features videos, white papers and case studies which, taken together, provide a detailed overview of the advantages of the MicroCare products, the manner in which they work and the benefits they deliver. While the sites already included formal product information, these papers, newsletters and powerpoint packages help customers digest the technical data in broader, less formal manner. Importantly, the site automatically re-sizes images and reformats pages to fit the viewing device: desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Created with the user experience firmly in mind, a new “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section in the Resources segment probably is the highlight of the site for most visitors. These informal, brief discussions over nuanced, thoughtful, and plain-English answers to the many different questions posed to MicroCare technical experts. This feature will continually be updated, which makes for an even more engaging user experience.

The enhanced web site is a massive trove of technical riches. There are more than 3,700 pages of vapor degreasing, chemistry and solvent information. Sections are presented in five languages and the Safety Data Sheets are downloadable in eleven languages. But despite this depth, the average page size is just about one megabyte (comparable to best-in-class) and the average page loads in just 1.7 seconds (again, better than best-in-class).

This is the second update in 2017 to MicroCare’s online presence, with the company having recently launched a new micro-site (npbreplacements.www.microcare.com) to help companies migrate away from toxicity issues associated with the cleaning fluid, normal propyl bromide (nPB). Further interactive upgrades are planned, a few arriving in the next few weeks and others spread across the remainder of 2017.