MicroCare Introduces New IPA-Based Cleaners Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

MicroCare released the new aerosol MultiClean™ MultiTask Surface Cleaner Spray and the new pump bottle MultiTask Surface Electronic Cleaner Spray – MultiClean™ to provide safe and high purity cleaning in almost any production environment. They effectively clean a variety of working surfaces including tables, tools, machinery, gauges, keyboards, mobile phones and more.

As the world sees the COVID-19 virus makes traditional cleaning products difficult to find, many industries are looking for ways to effectively clean their products and workplaces. In response to those customer requests, MicroCare is expanding its line of electronics and surface cleaners. The purpose is to provide customers with effective fluids to keep surfaces clean.

“The Coronavirus outbreak led us to evaluate our product line and to identify those products that can be helpful to our customers,” said Scott Wells, MicroCare General Manager for Europe. “We have new products that are ideal for cleaning surfaces.”

They feature a 70% high purity IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and 30% D.I. (Deionized) water mixture that evaporates more slowly, allowing the cleaning fluid to remain on surfaces longer, for better cleaning.

The new spray cleaners remove flux and white residue from circuit boards, solder paste and uncured epoxy residues from stencils, fingerprints, grease and light oils commonly found in medical device and electronics manufacturing. With excellent materials compatibility, it is safe to use on a variety of metals and plastics.

“When used with MicroCare General Purpose Wipes or Stencil Wipes, the new MultiClean™ MultiTask Surface Cleaner Spray and the new MultiTask Surface Electronic Cleaner Spray – MultiClean™ provides an effective way to help keep manufactured product and facilities clean,” concluded Wells.

MultiClean™ MultiTask Surface Cleaner comes in an aerosol and is manufactured by MicroCare in the UK, facilitating faster delivery to all users throughout Europe. MultiTask Surface Electronic Cleaner Spray – MultiClean™ is made in the USA with a pump bottle dispenser and is distributed throughout North America.