MicroCare Introduces Versatile New Flux Remover at IPC APEX EXPO

(New Britain, CT) MicroCare Corp., the industry’s leading manufacturer of critical cleaning, coating and lubrication products, will once again be showcasing their family of critical cleaning products at the IPC APEX EXPO, in San Diego CA from 14-16 February. At this show they will introduce their newest electronics cleaners, the Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover.

Featuring a unique and innovative new chemistry, Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover will be the main product focus of MicroCare at APEX. It is a non-flammable, low-temperature rinsing fluid with a non-volatile additive that performs the cleaning function. This unique formulation is specifically engineered to clean challenging, high-temperature solder pastes and fluxes, and it removes white residues from PCBs.

This Tergo™ fluid is highly effective at cleaning complex shapes found on PCBs. The chemistry also can be used as a degreaser and can even remove slight oxidation and tarnish from finished surfaces. It is compatible with traditional vapour degreasing procedures so no hardware modifications are normally required. This makes it a drop-in replacement for many older vapour degreasing chemistries that are being phased-out under environmental, health, safety or economic pressures.

Since its recent introduction, Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover has been well received and has gained momentum due to its outstanding cleaning capabilities and remarkable environmental profile.

David Ferguson, Tergo Product Manager at MicroCare, is pleased with the market acceptance of the new cleaner. “The real target of this product are companies using old-style aqueous cleaning systems, which are large, noisy and expensive to operate,” he said. “The Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover enables fast and consistent cleaning without water, so it is better on the environment and on the wallet!

To meet the MicroCare team visit booth #1900 from 14-16 February 2017 at IPC APEX EXPO.