MicroCare Introduces the New and Improved TidyPen

MicroCare Corp. unveiled today the new and improved TidyPen™ ‘60-second sticky stuff remover’.  With thousands of the pocket-sized TidyPen™ label removers sold monthly, the TidyPen™ tool is a must-have time-saver for electronics manufacturing, repair shops, medical facilities, classrooms and any other place sticky labels are used. The improved TidyPen™ formulation improves cleaning effectiveness on almost anything sticky: glues, tapes, labels, most fluxes, some inks and many conformal coatings. The new TidyPen™ liquid is safe on plastics and gaskets as well as other materials of construction found on PCBs. The new formulation also is VOC and REACH compliant, which is important in regions where environmental regulations are tight.

The new TidyPen™ package will dispense the cleaning fluid more quickly, speeding cleaning and boosting operator productivity. It also meets the requirements of the ‘Globally Harmonized System’ (GHS) of labeling and safety information, making it a true ‘global product’ that can be used safely and legally by customers anywhere in the world. The TidyPen™ cleaning tool will now be packaged in two new sizes, allowing greater convenience to users. The most popular choice will be the vending-machine sized package, which includes one TidyPen™, but many customers may prefer the larger box containing five TidyPen™ tools. These new packages will be available world-wide by 1st November  2014.