MicroCare Medical Highlights Money-Saving ‘Green’ Innovations at MDM West

(New Britain, CT) February 2, 2015 – MicroCare Medical, a division of MicroCare Corp. the leading manufacturer of cost-effective, environmentally sensitive chemical products for precision cleaning, coating and lubrication, is introducing five major updates to their family of eco-friendly medical device cleaning, coating and lubricating products at the MDM West Expo in Anaheim, CA, February 10-12th. These include:

  • Kwik-Check™, a precision meter for testing PTFE content in Duraglide™ dry lubricant. The device instantly provides an accurate digital readout of the lubricant’s content, improving the medical device’s finished coating consistency. Built to medical standards and engineered for use in the production floor, Kwik-Check™ can be used to test batch samples of Duraglide™ dry lubricant. As noted by MicroCare Medical’s SVP, Jay Tourigny, the Kwik-Check™ meter is “a GMP answer, a money-saving answer, and a productivity answer all in one.”
  • Duraglide™ dry lubricant, the industry’s flagship nonflammable lubricant for medical devices that offers fast-drying unparalleled lubricity, leaving a smooth, even, slippery coating on any surface. Duraglide™ is ideal for medical devices with moving, sliding, or rotating surfaces.
  • Universal Carrier Fluid, a high-purity nonflammable carrier liquid that dissolves medical-grade silicone. The fluid quickly evaporates, leaving a thin, uniform film of silicone lubricant on the treated surface and it can be applied for coatings on glass, ceramic, metal and plastic surfaces. As Mr. Tourigny explained, “Evolving health, safety and environmental regulations have made it increasingly difficult for companies to specify a carrier fluid for silicone lubricants. This new formula provides a safe, reliable and nonflammable alternative to the widely-used flammable carriers such as hexane or toluene.”
  • TidyPen™ ‘60-second sticky stuff remover, a time-saving tool for electronics manufacturing, repair shops, medical facilities, and anywhere sticky labels are utilized. Formulated to be compliant with strict California VOC rules, the new TidyPen™ speeds the removal of conformal coatings, fluxes, glues, tapes, labels and some inks.
  • DuPont Vertrel® Sion®, a degreasing fluid which is compatible with almost all vapor degreaser cleaning systems, and is part of a series of new vapor degreasing fluids coming to market. Readily available in Europe and Asia, Vertrel® Sion® is expected to be soon approved for sale in the U.S.

The new MicroCare Medical formulations will have important economic and environmental benefit for companies around the globe. “With these upgrades and new introductions, using new chemistries and capabilities not found in products from other companies, MicroCare Medical has attracted significant interest from medical device makers and electronics’ manufacturers world-wide,” noted Tom Tattersall, MicroCare COO. “Together with our other “green” products within the portfolio, MicroCare Medical clearly is the industry leader in environmentally enlightened cleaning, coating and lubrication.”

The full range of MicroCare products will be exhibited on booth #2213 from February 10-12th 2015 at MDM West in Anahiem.