MicroCare Provides Critical Cleaning Fluid Alternatives to Alleviate Supply Chain Challenges

Supply chain issues that began in 2020 are still impacting manufacturers today. The after-effects of the pandemic, economic challenges and sustainability issues are making it harder for companies to source effective, reliable cleaning fluids for parts cleaning inside their vapor degreasers. MicroCare, LLC has a solution with its family of Tergo™ Precision Cleaning Fluids.

MicroCare CEO, Tom Tattersall said: “Ongoing supply chain issues are still affecting the electronics, medical device manufacturing, aerospace and automotive industries. Due to shipping delays and raw ingredient shortages companies now have to find alternatives to their tried-and-tested solvents they’ve been using for years to clean their manufactured parts." 

“To support our customers with this problem we have a range of vapor degreaser cleaning fluids from the Tergo™ line-up. The MicroCare supply chain is solid with a ready supply of Tergo™ cleaning fluids in-stock. We have multiple distribution sources with the bulk located in North America. This means we can help our customers to precision clean effectively and without disruption to their production schedules.”

The Tergo™ vapor degreasing fluids are compatible with existing vapor degreasing equipment without the expense of making major cleaning equipment upgrades.

Tattersall said:  “Although the supply chain issues of certain cleaning fluids are a relatively short-term problem, MicroCare Precision Cleaning Fluids provide a ready alternative to those in short-supply. They offer the least disruption to exisiting production processes and cleaning budgets.”

To help customers understand the benefits of MicroCare Precision Cleaning Fluids and how they can assist with unpredictable supply chain challenges, MicroCare, LLC has published the top 5 reasons for choosing Tergo™.  Visit www.microcare.com/Tergo5 to learn more.