MicroCare Rolls Out New Nonconductive Electrical Cleaner, Universal Contact Cleaner, At Productronica 2015

Perhaps the most exciting innovation at Productronica 2015 is the commercialization of a totally new cleaning fluid from MicroCare Europe which will be showcased at the Munich expo in November 2015. The new product is “Universal Contact Cleaner.” This product has the correct properties, performance, and pricing to become the industry’s standard contact cleaner for decades to come.

Contact cleaners are an unusual sub-category of electronics cleaners. Contact cleaners must be non-conductive, fast-drying, non-flammable, absolutely safe on all materials of construction and affordably priced. Today, every contact cleaner on the market either sacrifices at least one of those criteria or is so mild as to be an ineffective cleaner. The new Universal Contact Cleaner addresses every one of those short-comings and solves them all.

Based on new HFO chemistries and packaged with a new HFO propellant, the Universal Contact Cleaner has substantial cleaning strength that means it can dissolve light oils and grease unlike most contact cleaners today. It also can remove silicone residues, some adhesives and many inks. It can be used safely to clean connectors, wiring harnesses, relays, mechanical devices and a host of related equipment even when the equipment is operating.

Perhaps most importantly, the product has the best environmental pedigree of any product on the market today: ultra-low Global Warming Impact (GWP), completely ozone-safe, generally nontoxic and completely nonflammable. The product is REACH pre-registered and is ROHS- and WEEE-compliant.

MicroCare will market the new cleaner through authorized distributors globally. Pricing is expected to be highly competitive with all non-flammable contact cleaners on the market today, but with the extra cleaning power and environmental protections. The formulation is available only in aerosol packaging.