MicroCare Rolls-Out New Web Presence

MicroCare Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new web site, www.MicroCare.com. The new, content-rich site offers many benefits to visitors, such as faster downloads, more technical information, easier navigation, and multi-language support. This on-line presence reinforces the fact that MicroCare Corp. has emerged as  an industry leader for environmentally-sensitive critical cleaning technologies.

One of the key benefits of the new media platform is the merger of four older, separate MicroCare web sites into one standardized umbrella. This consolidation allows visitors to explore all of the innovative cleaning answers from MicroCare across many different applications and industries, such as electronics assembly, fiber optics/telecom, medical devices and precision cleaning.

“Many engineers are aware that MicroCare has great answers in one particular area of expertise,” explains Tom Tattersall, MicroCare Chief Operating Officer, “but with this new consolidated web site we introduce visitors to our numerous other capabilities as well.” This will be particularly useful, Tattersall further explains, to customers making products that cross different industries, such as building circuit boards for the telecom industry that terminate with fiber optic connections. “We have medical device customers making circuit boards and aerospace customers needing fiber optic cleaners, to name just two examples. Now, with this one web site, customers can learn many of the capabilities that MicroCare can bring to their applications,” he said.

The new web site is loaded with exciting capabilities that make it easier for visitors to find the answers they need. The site is tightly integrated into social media tools, which will make it easier for engineers to keep current on new cleaning developments from MicroCare. The new web site also makes it a snap to find new products, safety data sheets and product specifications. The site also is regionalized, reflecting localized products and regulations. The site also is multi-lingual, and features product explanations in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and other languages.

The internal workings of the web site have been greatly improved, as well, and in particular the site is friendly to mobile devices.