MicroCare Will Feature Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaners at OFC/NFOEC

Janruary 15, 2010. Micro Care Corp. announced today that it will showcase the new Sticklers

fiber optic cleaners at the OFC/NFOEC Exposition in San Diego. The Sticklers™ products are the industry’s most innovative line of fiber optic cleaning tools. Uniquely, the four components The Sticklers family of fiber optic cleaning products to the Sticklers® family work together as a system, so only Sticklers™ can clean any connector, any configuration, any size, in any environment. Since more than 50% of all fiber network failures are due to dirt on a splice or connector, the introduction of Sticklers™ products means field technicians finally will be able to perfectly clean components in seconds , for just pennies per cleaning.

“The industry’s biggest problem with fiber has been dirt, dust and moisture on connectors and splices,” explained MicroCare president, Christopher A. Jones. “The number one rule in fiber optics today is that techs must clean and inspect every connector, every time. Twenty-year old cleaning techniques do not work on today’s FTTX projects and tomorrow’s gigahertz networks.”

Sticklers™ products are designed to provide fast, simple and convenient cleaning for field installers. There are four main Sticklers™ products:

The Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner is a nonflammable pump spray that out-performs any cleaner on the market today. Because the cleaning fluid is nonhazardous – and unlike any competing product – it can be shipped even by air without hazmat fees, or carried in a tool kit on commercial aircraft. The Sticklers™ cleaning fluid replaces alcohol, acetone, swabs, and other old technologies that leave residue on the end-face.

For cleaning inside connector alignment sleeves, the  Sticklers™ CleanStixx™ are the only fiber cleaning swab that cleans the entire end-face, not just the contact area, eliminating an important source of contamination.

Sticklers™ Benchtop Clean Wipes™ are packaged for indoor applications, while Sticklers™ Outdoor Clean Wipes™ are engineered for harsh environments. Importantly, Sticklers™ products feature a sleek design and clever packaging, so the products can fit into any tool kit.

Sticklers™ products are made by privately-held MicroCare Corp. of New Britain, CT. Founded in 1983, MicroCare is the world-leader in precision benchtop cleaning, providing modern, environmentally-safe answers to critical cleaning applications in electronics, medical devices, photonics, aerospace and mass transportation.