NEW ProEZ Gel™ Pre-Treatment Spray, Better Coverage, Less Waste

MicroCare Medical is pleased to introduce ProEZ Gel™ Pre-Treatment Spray. This new point-of-use surgical instrument pre-treatment gel helps prevent the drying of soils on dirty surgical instruments during transport to Sterile Processing. ProEZ Gel Spray has an over two and a half times wider spray pattern than other pre-treatment gels on the market allowing for greater and more uniform coverage, resulting in fewer applications and over 50% less waste of product. The wider spray also reduces the precision required to completely cover instruments and keep soils moist without having to handle the instruments.

Featuring a new and unique bio-generated enzymatic action formula, the Pro EZ Gel Spray is powerful enough for every case and soil, including sticky fats. The spray gel has no sticky residue while retaining moisture for easy rinsing and fewer applications while also preventing the deposition of 93% of organic protein soil over a 72-hour testing period.  The fragrance-free formula allows for a more pleasant user experience.

ProEZ Gel Spray is the latest edition to the ProEZ family of surgical instrument pre-treatment products, which are designed to improve productivity and protect valuable instrumentation.  The MicroCare Medical Critical Cleaning Lab ran multiple clinical tests to ensure quality and performance. Results showed complete wetting action and up to 45% greater soil removal after a 72-hour holding time.

ProEZ Gel Spray can be used in point-of-use treatment areas including in-patient surgical suites, emergency departments, labor and delivery rooms, outpatient surgery centers, dental clinics, veterinary offices and other areas with reusable instruments and devices. It is also suitable for central sterile instrument re-processing areas for pre-treatment of heavy residual soils or when high case-loads lead to cleaning delays.

ProEZ Gel Spray features an internal bag-on-valve dispenser which uses inert compressed air to deliver a wide mist making it easy for surgical teams or sterile processing department staff to apply. It is a perfect choice for surgical facilities looking to improve their instrument pre-treatment process and helps fulfill AAMI and AORN recommended pre-treatment practices.