PMTS 2021: Lower Turnout, Excellent Opportunities

The PMTS trade show in Cleveland, OH officially closed on August 12, 2021. Amid the rise of the Covid Delta variant, in-person attendance was low at the show.

However, the MicroCare Precision Cleaning Team made the most of the event. David Ferguson, Rob Lee and the representatives from Crest ultrasonics happily greeted visitors to the booth. The lower attendance afforded them the opportunity to conduct in-depth discussions with our suppliers and our potential customers about vapor degreasing, precision cleaning fluids and the upcoming U.S. regulatory changes impacting cleaning fluid use and their critical cleaning needs.

On Wednesday the 11th, David Ferguson, MicroCare Sr. Technical Manager for Precision Cleaners, delivered a presentation entitled “TCE/nPB Conversions: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Choosing the Wrong Chemistry or the Wrong Process", a talk on how to best replace nPB and TCE in vapor degreasing machines.

Overall, PMTS 2021 was a success for MicroCare. The team is following up with our new contacts through phone calls and video-conferencing to provide them with any additional help and information they need for their upcoming or ongoing critical cleaning projects.