Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaners Approved by the Largest Fighter Plane Builder in the U.S

MicroCare Corp. announced today that the Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning products have been approved by one of largest U.S. builders of fighter planes. The Sticklers® CleanStixx™ connector cleaners now are being used to clean fiber optic systems on the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter plane. The S16 CleanStixx(tm) with a MIL-C-38999 connector and adapter

Sticklers™ Cleanstixx™ sticks, when used together with Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner fluid, provides unrivaled cleaning of any size or configuration of fibre optic connector. Used throughout a multitude of industries including military and aerospace, the products offer complete connector cleaning care, which is fast and simple to use.

The key innovation for the F-35 was a modified CleanStixx™ S16 connector cleaning stick specifically designed for military use. With an extended tip that fits into all military adapters (see photo, right to compare the original S16 CleanStixx to the new extended tip), including the MIL-C-38999 connectors used in the F-35 fighter plane, it offers fast and efficient cleaning of the entire end-face without the need to disassemble the connector or adapter. There are more than 300 fiber optic connectors on each F-35.

In the past, each test of a MIL-DTL-38999 connector on the F-35 was time consuming because the connector had to be disassembled for inspection and cleaning. In addition, there are many different configurations (pin counts) of MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, so technicians had to have different test harnesses for each configuration, significantly adding to the maintenance expense. Worse yet, a failure of just one of the fiber optic connectors inside the test harness would require the entire harness to be scrapped or repaired. This presented a logistical and financial challenge.

One leading fiber optic connector company produced a new adapter which makes it possible to test MIL-DTL-38999 connectors quickly and easily, significantly reducing both labor and material costs. The new adapters enable quick and easy optical test and measurement, without the need for multiple test harnesses.

The connectors, adapters and CleanStixx™ also are used in other military applications, plus in oil field, mining and extraction commercial applications where the reliability of the -38999 design and the affordability of the Sticklers® tools are appreciated. There are literally millions of -38999 connectors in the field today, and every one of them can be cleaned with new adapter and the Sticklers® S16 CleanStixx™ swab.

Color-coded and moulded exactly to suit the exact shape and size connector, Sticklers™ Cleanstixx™ swabs clean the entire end-face, not just the central core, ensuring that any contaminants, including dust, is removed completely.

Together with the unique Military Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit, which contains everything a technician requires to ensure cleaning of fibre optic connectors and splices is quick and effective, Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products offer the military and defense industries a range of products that provide complete reassurance when cleaning fibre optics.