Stinney Promoted to QC & Assembly Supervisor

MicroCare Corp. is pleased to announce that Ms. Roxanne Stinney has been promoted to the post of Quality Control/Assembly Supervisor.

In her new position, she will have day-to-day responsibility for the workers producing the advanced cleaning tools at MicroCare. She will also be the company’s lead individual for detecting, tracking and resolving quality issues. She will supervise a team of nine full-time and part-time people.

A long-term resident of Bristol, Ms. Stinney has been with MicroCare for 17 years. Prior to MicroCare she worked for the Camera Shops in New Britain, where for 11 years she had a lead position cutting, packaging and inspecting photographs.

“I like working at MicroCare because the family atmosphere produces a true team-oriented environment,” Ms. Stinney said. “I am really enjoying the challenges in this new position, working with my team and producing the best products we possibly can. You go home from MicroCare knowing that we made products that are changing the world, protecting people and the environment. It’s great to do something that really makes a difference.”

Mrs. Stinney is married and has two children. When not working at MicroCare, she volunteers at in the “Closer to Free Ride” program with Yale New Haven hospital to raise money for cancer research. She also is deeply involved in a support group for people living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), raising money and awareness for that cause.