Tergo MCF is Highlight of Ceramics Expo 2019

MicroCare concluded the Ceramics Expo 2019 on March 1st at the International Expo Center in Cleveland, OH.

Ceramics Expo is the leading annual event for the advanced ceramics and glass supply chain.  Several thousand people filled the show floor and many had the opportunity to listen to leaders in the industry discuss a wide array of topics.

Vendors and attendees represented a range of industries from many facets of the ceramics industry including aviation, transportation, communications, medical, defense and consumer goods.

The MicroCare booth highlighted debinding and precision cleaning by showcasing our Tergo™ line of cleaning fluids for use in a vapor degreaser.  Throughout the show, David Ferguson, MicroCare Senior Technical Manager for Precision Cleaners and Don Phifer, MicroCare Senior Technical Sales Representative, engaged in many conversations with attendees about the unique precision cleaning fluid.

“We were able to talk with many companies about their current processes and their challenges in manufacturing ceramics,” Don said. “As the industry continues to struggle with debinding waxes through aqueous and thermal applications, there is a growing interest in the benefits Tergo™ MCF can create.”

As ceramic engineering in manufacturing continues to grow, MicroCare will be there to introduce and develop the best possible materials for debinding.