Universal Flux Remover Introduced by MicroCare at MDM West 2016

MicroCare Corp. is introducing a totally new type of circuit cleaner at the massive MDM West expo in Anahiem in February 2016. The new formulation is the “Universal Flux Remover.” This development moves electronics cleaning to a totally new level of innovation that will help companies produce more reliable PCBs quickly, at lower cost, more safely and with better environmental protections than any cleaning product on the market today. Visitors can learn more about the Universal Flux Remover at Booth #2922.

The new flux remover is based on hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO) chemistries. It is a highly effective cleaner for almost any flux or solder paste, particularly highly activated materials. It also will remove light oils, some inks, fingerprints, salts and silicone residues. MicroCare expects companies will select the Universal Flux Remover when cleaning circuit boards, electrical components, epoxies, plastics and metal components.

Non-flammable and fast-drying, the new cleaner has an extremely low global warming potential (GWP) approximately 1/300th the GWP of the most common nonflammable cleaners it replaces. Packaged with a new, ultra-low GWP propellant, this product was formulated to be a long-term choice in every market of the world.

It delivers the cleanest PCBs without sacrificing cleaning performance or safety. The new cleaner also is REACH pre-registered and WEEE- and ROHS-compliant.

MicroCare will market the new cleaner through authorized distributors around the globe. Pricing will be determined by locally but is expected to be highly competitive with any nonflammable cleaner on the market today. The formulation is available only in aerosol packaging and is compatible with the unique, money-saving TriggerGrip™ dispensing system.

Learn more at MDM West, Booth #2922, or visit www.microcare.com.