Satellite TV Repair Depot Changes Cleaning; Cuts Costs and Improves Worker Safety

Author: Mike Jones, MicroCare Vice President

A large repair company in the eastern U.S. is dedicated to maintaining satellite TV set-top boxes on behalf of one of the big satellite operators. This company cleans and repairs about 80,000 set-top boxes monthly. After repairing each box, they would use a fresh lint-free wipe and a liquid spray cleaner on each box to remove pencil marks, particulate, oils, fingerprints and grime.

This was time-consuming. In addition, every operator was exposed to the atomized spray of the citrus cleaner which raised worker-safety issues. The company also needed to dispose of tens of thousands of pump spray bottles and a mountain of lint-free wipes. All of these costs add up. MicroCare offered a completely different answer and results were surprising: a dramatic reduction in cleaning costs.

Refillable presaturated wipes:

MicroCare offered, through the local rep firm of Restronics – Southeast, a completely different answer: refillable presaturated wipes. The MicroCare presat wipes are a blend of water and alcohol, so they’re safe for people and the environment. The presat wipes have an unlimited shelf life because they feature a self-sealing, slam-shut lid.

But most tellingly for this customer, MicroCare offers the presat wipes in a refillable package. This means the company can avoid buying thousands of plastic pump spray bottles and simply re-use, plastic tub in which the presat wipes are packaged.

Ms. Tara Miller, the Restronics sales rep who developed this application with the customer, feels it is a win-win for everybody. “It’s a great feeling when you can deliver a quality product that not only reduces costs, but keeps people safe and protects the environment,” she said. “It’s great to be ‘green.’”

The big savings is in time not wasted. The company expects that the time-savings from faster, better, simpler cleaning will dramatically reduce costs. This is a huge savings for a mature, well-established production process and represents a superior utilization of the repair facility.