Are MicroCare Cleaning Fluids Environmentally Sustainable?

Today, environmental sustainability is more than just an afterthought when it comes to cleaning parts, it is a necessity that affects both the environment and workers on the production line. In a world where safety, compliance and energy efficiency are so important, it is imperative to use more eco-friendly, sustainable cleaners.

MicroCare offers environmentally acceptable cleaning fluid for use inside a vapor degreaser. These fluids make excellent replacements for older solvents like nPB and TCE that are under scrutiny. These innovative solutions are not only safer to workers and gentler on the planet, but deliver consistent and reliable cleaning with the lowest overall cost.

Tergo MCF (Metal Cleaning Fluid)

Tergo Metal Cleaning Fluid is based on HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) technology that offers excellent performance along with improved environmental properties. Unlike the legacy cleaners that were based on HFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons), Tergo MCF have a very low GWP (low global warming potential) which helps reduce greenhouse gas effects, and a zero ODP to meet strict regional air quality regulations. Importantly, it offers improved environmental properties without compromising on cleaning performance.

Other Environmental Benefits

When used in a vapor degreaser, Tergo MCF is recycled and reused, allowing for hundreds of hours of use before it needs to be refreshed or replaced. It doesn’t produce wastewater which must be filtered, distilled, deionized, and osmosis prepped ready for disposal. The vapor degreaser simply concentrates the soils as it works. This reduces waste generation and lowers hazardous waste disposal costs.

It also has a low boiling point and heat of vaporization. This translates to less energy use, resulting in energy cost savings. It also cuts overall fossil fuel consumption. This results in a lower total carbon emission and less greenhouse gas output. Vapor degreasers also use no water, therefore conserving this vital non-renewable resource.