Are MicroCare Products Approved for Use in Clean Rooms?

Clean room solvents and cleaning fluids are often required to meet clean room standards. As for using MicroCare fluids in a clean room, it depends on the “class” or cleanliness standard of the clean room. There is no problem with the purity of the liquid; it’s fine. It’s the packaging that determines the use.

  • A Class 10,000 clean room is the norm for many industrial applications. As such, aerosols and pump sprays generally would be fine there.
  • Class 1000 clean rooms normally do not permit aerosol and pump spray products because of the droplets they put into the air. So, the customer would use the cleaner in bulk (unpressurized) packaging and pour the liquid into bottles and jars. This is one of the reasons MicroCare offers our products in pails.
  • Class 100 clean rooms require positive air pressure, air locks, complete covering of the body with face masks, etc. Therefore, anything put into the clean room must come with clean room packaging. This is basically a double-pack: an outer package, for shipping and handling, that is removed and then the product is put into an airlock, and opened on the other side, at which time the second packaging is opened or removed. MicroCare cleaners are not packaged in this manner.

So, it depends upon the specification for the clean room.