Can We Add IPA to the Duraglide Fluid?

Do not add IPA alcohol to Duraglide to “top off” the tank of bath. If add IPA to the formula it will not be “in-spec.” There is no IPA in the carrier fluid formulation, so adding IPA to the Duraglide will by definition put it out of sec. It also would impact the quality of the coating (compared to the straight XC carrier, because IPA has a different specific gravity than XC and the PTFE) and create flammability issues.

Customers should add plain XF or XC to “top off” the Duraglide coating. Adding plain, pure carrier would be the only way they could add carrier to their existing bath and be able to bring the formula back to original specifications.

The only limitation to this process is the purity of the bath. Dipping parts can result in the addition of water and/or contamination to the bath. This will change the specific gravity of the dipping fluid. That’s why we always recommend the parts be perfectly clean and dry BEFORE dipping and coating.