Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid — Does Sticklers™ Have a Larger, More Economical Package?

For years, the popular Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaning fluid was only packaged in a 3 ounce / 85 mL miniature pump spray. Now that has been expanded to a jumbo-sized, 10 oz./284 g pump spray. Both pump sprays are terrific packages:

  • The small bottle contains more than 650 cleanings — that’s a LOT of connectors — and the big bottle contains 2,200 cleanings
  • Both packages preserve the cleaning fluid, keeping it clean and factory fresh (which is a lot harder than you might think)
  • Both packages have a unique, 3-way cap which means the fluid is dispensed without waste
  • Both packages use an engineered “metered” valve, so none of the liquid is wasted
  • Both packages are not pressurized, so they’re not hazardous to ship
  • Both packages won’t leak or spill, unlike bottles of IPA alcohol
  • Both packages cannot be refilled, avoiding cross-contamination
  • Both packages are nonflammable, for maximum safety

Either way, those are two pretty nifty packages.

Fast-evaporating and super-pure, the 10 oz. jumbo-sized bottle of the Sticklers fiber optic cleaning fluid out-cleans IPA alcohol and delivers cleaner connectors at lower cost