How Can I Ensure My People Are Handling Chemicals Properly?

We suggest deploying the TriggerGrip™ system for all your techs doing PCB cleaning. The whole point of the TriggerGrip™ system is to use the solvent properly — that is, to produce cleaner PCBs faster, more safely, with less solvent. This immediately translates into a cost saving: with the TriggerGrip™ system you buy fewer cans of solvent.

Once you have reduced the amount of chemicals in use, a whole host of good things happen:

  • Since you use less solvent, your cleaning costs go down.
  • Since you use less solvent, people get less chemical on their hands, in their eyes, and in their lungs, boosting safety.
  • Since the solvent is pre-packaged, your risk of spilled chemicals and fire hazards is reduced.
  • Since you are never pouring solvents from pails and drums, you always have the right safety data because it’s right on the can.
  • Since the cans can be tracked, you can monitor which tech is using the solvent.

Proper training for your people also helps wonderfully. MicroCare offers a 7-minute training video that shows your team how to connect the TriggerGrip™ system, how to use the device, and then how to disconnect it safely. You can watch it on this web site, download it from YouTube or just contact MicroCare and we’ll get you copies for your training team.

There’s no reason to waste solvent. Techs should be trained to only use what they need, and the TriggerGrip™ system reduces their needs. The TriggerGrip™ dispensing system is simply a better way.

TriggerGrip™ system being used with a strong solvent to clean a PCB
TriggerGrip™ system being used with a strong solvent to clean a PCB