How Do I Ship MicroCare Solvents and Keep Freight Costs Low?

MicroCare cleaning fluids are easy to ship and store, even when shipping by air, which saves companies lots of money.  Because MicroCare, Tergo, Vertrel and Opteon vapor degreasing cleaning agents all are nonflammable and non-corrosive, they are not regulated as “dangerous goods” or hazardous materials within the US or internationally. Even though some cleaning agents are mixtures that include other solvents such as alcohol, none of the mixtures are classified as flammable, poisonous or corrosive. They all ship under the classification of “Non-Regulated/Non-Hazardous.” Additionally, insurance companies don’t find any risks or threats from storing nonflammable solvents, so there is a potential savings in insurance costs. See the Safety Data Sheet for more details about shipping, storage and handling.