How Do PCB Cleaning Pens Work?

PCB cleaning pens are big time savers and incredibly convenient.

For years, MicroCare has sold a very popular product called the TidyPen™.  It’s very effective at removing sticky labels, tapes and adhesives from PCBs.

Using that same pocket-sized pen format, MicroCare developed a line of PCB cleaning pens for pin-point cleaning water soluble, RMA and no clean fluxes.

So, now if you just want to do a tiny little touch-up right on one small spot of a board or around a chip, you can do it very quickly, easily and with no mess. Simply tap the pen tip on the PCB and “erase” the contamination on the board. They are ideal for improving the performance and aesthetics of any complex or tightly-packed PCBs.

Types of PCB Cleaning Pens include: