How Do Vacuum Degreasers Work?

Vacuum degreasers are releatively easy to operate.

Soiled parts are placed are placed into the cleaning chamber and then the chamber is sealed. A vaccum then pulls the air out of the system. The parts are sprayed in air with cleaning fluid or they are immersed into the cleaning fluid itself.

While the parts are immersed they typically will go through a 360 degree rotation or they are agitated using ultrasonics. 

Most vacuum degreaser fluids are either a modified alcohol that cleans both non-polar and polar contaminants or a hydrocarbon based cleaning fluid that works best on non-polar soils. 

After, several rinses with clean fluid, the parts are dried using a hot vacuum drying system. The vacuum draws the cleaning fluid out of the parts, so the parts leave the vacuum degreaser both clean and dry.