How Do I Dispose Empty Aerosol Cans and Pump Spray Bottles?

Safe disposal of cleaning fluids is important. Aerosol cans, pump sprays and bulk packages usually are considered hazardous waste in most communities. That’s important because these packages usually contain small amounts of residual solvents which could contaminate ground water. It’s important to keep those contaminants out of the landfills. So contact your local waste disposal expert and find our what’s right in your community and with the regulations under which you operate.

Guaranteed to Empty Completely

That being said, MicroCare has a unique advantage. MicroCare guarantees that our cans will empty completely when you use them with the TriggerGrip™ dispensing system AND the Bench Mounting Kit. To be precise, we guarantee the cans will contain less than 2% of their original weight of solvent and may be classified as “DOT empty.” In this mode, the disposal problems can be greatly reduced. Because only MicroCare has the Trigger Grip system, only MicroCare can offer you this cost savings.

In addition, MicroCare uses liquid propellants to help ensure that users dispense the full contents of each MicroCare aerosol can. This leads to three possible scenarios from a disposal perspective:

  1. Under normal use the liquid propellant ensures all MicroCare aerosol cans are fully consumed during use and are “empty” as defined by 40 CFR 261.7b(1) and/or 40 CFR 261.7b(2).  An “empty” aerosol can is not subject to hazardous waste regulation and the empty container should be recycled as scrap metal. 
  2. If during use, a user finds they are unable to fully dispense the contents of a MicroCare brand aerosol can, it may be returned to MicroCare under a MicroCare issued Returned Materials Authorization (RMA).  Products returned to MicroCare as defective under an RMA are given a full quality review to determine root-cause of the quality issue, and ultimate disposition is within compliance with applicable regulations.  Under such circumstances, MicroCare at its option, may either offer customer credit or replace the defective can.   
  3. If for any reason you should decide to dispose a MicroCare aerosol can that is either unused (full) or partially used, that full or partially filled aerosol can is declared as waste. The full or partially filled waste aerosol container may be identified for disposal as a universal waste under new EPA rules. 
The TriggerGrip™ cleaning system connects to a MicroCare aerosol can and delivers fast, better and safer benchtop cleaning
The TriggerGrip™ cleaning system connects to a MicroCare aerosol can and delivers fast, better and safer benchtop cleaning