How Does Vapor Degreasing Save Energy?

All energy costs are rising and many fabricators are looking for creative ways to save on their energy costs.  Vapor degreaser cleaning parts is an option that can dramatically reduce a company’s energy budget. Here's how: 

It's All in the Fluid

In general, modern vapor degreasing fluids have low surface tension, low viscosity, high density and low latent heat. This means, that unlike water cleaning, they’re going to clean more easily, with less heating, fewer pumps, no air knives and so on. There is no water to heat, which saves energy. Instead the cleaning fluid heats to just above room temperature, which takes very little energy.

  1. There are no big pumps required to push the cleaning fluid around. Instead, the cleaning fluid moves by gravity, saving energy.
  2. There are no blowers or “air knives” on vapor degreasers. The parts being cleaned come out of the vapor degreaser clean and dry. (In fact, even motorized fans and fume hoods are not recommended near vapor degreasers because it increases solvent losses, so energy is saved there, too).
  3. There is no waste treatment required, which saves energy. The vapor degreaser automatically and continuously re-purifies and re-distills the cleaning fluid for hundreds of uses, berfore refreshing or replacing.
  4. Vapor degreasers generate minimal heat, and no moisture, fumes or dust. Unlike other cleaning methods including aqueous cleaning, vapor degreasers do not require special blowers and fans or any particular climate controls to maintain air quality or ambient temperature and humidity in the factory.

The Net Result

The net result is that the typical vapor degreaser uses about 30 amps or power when cleaning and one-tenth of that energy in stand-by (night) mode; many of the smallest machines use standard household electrical connections! This contrasts with water-cleaning systems with power consumption is measured in hundreds and thousands of amps, and often require 440 volt circuits and big power panels to manage the electrical load.

For customers in locations where electricity and natural gas is expensive, vapor degreasing is the most energy efficient and affordable way to clean. Additionally, burning fossil fuels to create electricity is one of the primary contributors to global warming, so saving electricity is good for your budget and the planet.