How is the use of ProLube RTU different from ProLube Concentrate?

ProLube RTU (ready to use) is designed specifically for manual and spot treatment. It is already diluted and ready for spray application while the ProLube Concentrate is ideal for dipping appplications. Instruments should be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and rough dried prior to application with lubricant spray. Lightly wipe off excess lubricant or allow to drain onto clean towels. Do not rinse ProLube RTU off prior to packaging and sterilization.

Reference: AAMI ST79 (2010-2013) section 7.5.6: “ Water-soluble instrument lubricants specifically designed for compatibility with sterilization may be used; the manufacturer’s written IFU should be followed. Instrument lubricants containing mineral oil or other oil bases should not be used, except to lubricate the internal mechanism of powered instruments as specified by the manufacturer. Oil-based instrument lubricants should not be used, because the oil will coat bacteria and the instrument surface, interfering with steam contact during sterilization.”