How should ProSpray wipes be used?

Follow CDC recommendations for surface disinfection. Clean first, then disinfect. ProSpray wipes are effective for both steps.

(1) Remove and unfold one or more towelettes as needed to thoroughly clean surfaces.

(2) Use sufficient wipes for the area or equipment. Studies show that over use of one wipe over too large an area will spread contamination.

(3) Discard towelettes used for cleaning.

(4) Using fresh towelette(s), reapply for 3 minute contact time. ProSpray wipes are tested and approved as a “one-step” disinfectant when no visible soils are present.

When ProSpray wipes are used routinely for surface disinfection, it is recommended to wipe all surfaces at least once or twice per week with tap water and paper towels to prevent buildup of residue.