What Are the Benefits of Using a Vapor Degreaser? How Does It Save Me Money?

Vapor degreasers are cleaning machines which easily and quickly can clean metal, ceramic, glass or plastic parts. They are widely used in electronics, precision metal finishing, medical device manufacturing, aerospace and so on.

The concept behind vapor degreasing is very simple. The parts are cleaned and rinsed in the cleaning fluid. But, while the cleaning is occurring, the cleaning fluid is boiled into a vapor (steam). The system them contains the vapors, cools those vapors back into a liquid, and collects this purified liquid for continuous use. Here’s the punchline: a vapor degreaser not only is a cleaning system but a continuous recycling system, which means they deliver extremely cost-effective critical cleaning.

Why do companies prefer vapor degreasing for their automated cleaning?

The benefits of a vapor degreaser include:

  • Highly Effective Cleaning: Vapor degreasers and their solvents can easily clean almost every type of contamination, up to and including heavy greases, oils and even waxes.
  • Versatile Cleaning: Vapor degreasers and their special solvents can easily get into and around parts which are extremely small or have extremely tight clearances, delivering perfectly clean shapes and parts
  • Speedy Cleaning: Vapor degreasers have very short cleaning cycles, so even a modest batch machine can usually outperform an in-line water cleaning system costing two or three times the price.
  • No Entrapment: Because the solvents evaporate so quickly, the vapors are easily removed from complex shapes, deep holes, blind vias and other designs where slow-drying solvents either could not clean or could be trapped. This keeps costs down and quality up.
  • No Water Spots: Water often leaves unacceptable water spots which vapor degreasers never leave, making them perfect for cleaning optics and other super-critical applications.
  • Broad Materials Compatibility: Solvents and vapor degreasers are highly suitable for use with most components because there are no high pressure sprays, the temperatures are low and the cleaning cycles brief.
  • Planet-friendly Cleaning: Vapor degreasers use tiny amounts of electricity and no water, so they are very gentle on the environment.
  • Lowest Cost-Per-Part-Cleaned: Vapor degreasers are very inexpensive to purchase and use. A modern degreaser can limit solvent consumption to pennies or dollars per day.

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Spot-free cleaning without water is an important benefit of modern solvent cleaning in a vapor degreaser
Spot-free cleaning without water is an important benefit of modern solvent cleaning in a vapor degreaser