What Can I Use to Clean Computer Keyboards, Cabinets and Housings?

There are many different types of contamination which need to be removed simultaneously. First, we have to get dry contamination out from hard-to-reach areas, like dust and lint from deep inside your keyboard. Secondly, we have to remove oily fingerprints, tape residues and grime from the housings and cabinetry. As you might expect, there are several great answers for this problem.

The Universal Contact Cleaner (#MCC-CCH10A) is a nonflammable, fast-drying choice for washing contamination from switches, relays and hard to reach places. It has the best environmental characteristics of any cleaning solvent on the market today.

MicroCare also offers precision dust removers in several different sizes and two different formulations. The General Purpose Dust Remover is the best choice for lint in keyboards, CD drives and other delicate equipment, as well as simple dusty contamination. This economy-sized 400 gram canister is loaded with an ultra-pure gas, filtered to 0.2 microns. Blast it the keyboard or disk drive, and the dust goes flying. Ozone-safe, nonflammable, zero VOC content.

The TidyPen® Adhesive Remover also is helpful around offices and labs, removing tape residues quickly, easily and inexpensively.