What Cleans Soldering Pallets and Frames?

Cleaning a the frames and pallets that hold PCBs as they move through wave solder machines is difficult because the devices get very dirty very quickly. In addition, they are usually hot. And most people try to use isopropyl alcohol which doesn’t have much effect on such hardened residues.

MicroCare has a product formulated specifically for these high-temperature problems. The Reflow Oven Cleaner (#MCC-ROC) is the ticket you need. Available exclusively from MicroCare, this product is based on proprietary long-chain alcohols. It is completely nonflammable, has great toxicity ratings, very low VOC content, low Global Warming Impact and enhances employee safety. It is designed to work best on warm (not hot; about 40ºC is best) pallets, after they’ve popped out of the oven. It also works great on wave solder machines, conveyors, the finger cleaning systems of wave solder machines, and as a general purpose degreaser in dip tanks. It dries fast, cleans great, is safe for people and the environment, and is priced affordably.

Packaged in refillable pump sprays, the cleaner comes with a package of 100 rugged, lint-free wipes specifically chosen for the demanding requirements of oven cleaning.

Reflow Oven Cleanner Bottle