What Is “Critical Cleaning”?

MicroCare divides the cleaning world into two big segments: critical cleaning, and everything-else, “good enough” cleaning.

In the category of “everything else” is hygienic cleaning in restaurants and hospitals; industrial degreasing of metal parts, or commercial cleaning such as transportation systems. Think of a brake cleaner used in an auto repair shop, the cleaning performed in a restaurant, or a big industrial degreaser found in a machine shop. These are industrial cleaning applications. If the cleaning is not perfect, no harm generally happens. “Good enough” rules.

But suppose you are cleaning parts for the Space Station. Or a heart pacemaker.  Or the autopilot for a jetliner. Or a firefighter’s emergency radio. In these instances, if the cleaning isn’t perfect, the product probably won’t work. If the product doesn’t work then something very expensive, very bad or maybe very deadly will happen very quickly. This is THE signal. This defines the world of high-performance critical cleaning.

If your products need to work the first time, every time, all the time, then you have a critical cleaning application and you need the critical cleaning answers from MicroCare.

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