What Is the Reliable Care Way?


Before buying or using any chemical, SAFETY COMES FIRST. MicroCare has established a program which is available to customers free of charge to support the products we sell. MicroCare will work with companies to design and implement proper cleaning processes. Our specialists will help specify the features needed on the degreaser to use the solvent safely. Technicians should know what they are using, why they are using it and how to use it properly. They should know safe handling and storage. Emergency procedures should be well-developed and thoroughly understood.

All of this information is included in the Reliable Care Way program. This program will educate your technicians about the cleaning fluid, audit your procedures to ensure worker safety, and monitor your program for deviations which might indicate an unsafe condition is developing.

Please contact MicroCare if you have additional questions or would like to arrange an educational safety seminar for your employees.