What Is the Shelf Life of MicroCare Cleaners?

Simple question, simple answer: unlimited. In other words, MicroCare products have an indefinite or unrestricted shelf life. This guarantee means that if the products are unopened, properly handled and carefully stored they will remain safe and effective for use for many years.

“Proper” handling is defined as keeping the products in a reasonably cool, dry location out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Any business facility in which people work comfortably is sufficiently cool. Unacceptable locations would be (a) outside exposed to rain; (b) on a hot loading dock exposed to direct summer sunlight for weeks at a time; or (c) in an unheated truck during winter months in Stockholm, just to pick a few examples. Also, do not store metal containers directly on concrete floors or the containers will rust. MicroCare is not responsible for products improperly stored.

Obviously, as soon as the container is opened the shelf life of the product is reduced. Opened containers should be used first and emptied as soon as practicable. It is common and unremarkable to find unopened containers of MicroCare products which work well after five years in storage.

MicroCare is aware that very few companies in the industry offer an unlimited shelf life warranty. But we are extremely comfortable with our products, packaging and manufacturing processes. We feel this guarantee is clearly justified and easily fulfilled. If you have any questions regarding this unusual quality guarantee, please contact MicroCare directly. It’s just another way that MicroCare will save you money.

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