What is shelf life and use life when using detergents?

Shelf life is the span of time the concentrated product may be held in storage. ProEZ 2 has a special preservative system that maintains effective enzyme action longer during storage. The expiration date is stamped on every container. Unlike high-level disinfectants, the expiration date for detergents does not change when the bottle of concentrated product is opened.

Use life is the time ProEZ 2 may be used after dilution. Use life depends on soil load and type of application. Diluted ProEZ 2 cleaning solution should be discarded after each load or group of items in sinks and soak pans. For cleaning endoscopes, prepared diluted ProEZ 2 should be used once per scope then discarded. Cleaning solution in ultrasonics may be changed after each load if heavy soils, or when the solution becomes cloudy or at least once per 8 hour shift. Monitor the expiration date stamped on every container of ProEZ 2, rotate stock and discard if expired.