What is the ideal dilution when using ProEZ AW Quad?

It is effective starting at a dilution ratio as low as 1/4 ounce of ProEZ AW Quad per gallon of water. Use the recommendations of automated instrument washer manufacturers as a starting point. Washer sterilizers and European manufactured washers with low water pressure spray arms may require higher percentages of detergent per cycle than high impingement washers with strong spray action. Water quality is also a key factor in determining the appropriate dilution. “Hard” water inhibits cleaning by consuming some of the chemical action of detergents.

Water is rated as “hard” (i.e. higher concentrations of calcium carbonate and other minerals) at 251 ppm or higher. Water rated as “hard” will require higher concentrations of detergents to yield effective results. Water quality information is usually available from the local water department.