What is the recommendation for using and changing the cleaning solution in ultrasonic instrument equipment?

For most effective ultrasonic cleaning action, ensure that the tank is not over-filled with instruments and that the ultrasonic detergent solution completely covers all items. The common use of “pony tail holders” or other type of elastics to hold instruments together is convenient but will inhibit cleaning action.

The frequency for changing cleaning solutions is generally based on several factors: amount and type of soils on the instruments; type of instrument and procedure; and protocols based on staffing at the facility or clinic.

A) Cleaning solutions should always at a minimum be drained and changed daily. The tank should be rinsed, cleaned and wiped out when solutions are changed.

B) For heavier soils including blood and inorganic lab materials, change the cleaning solution for each load of items.

C) Change the cleaning solution if it becomes cloudy or is odorous.

D) For larger facilities it is recommended to change the cleaning solution at the beginning of each shift change.