What is the recommended temperature range when using ProEZ AW Quad?

ProEZ AW Quad is a uniquely formulated multi-enzymatic detergent with expanded temperature capabilities.

• Manual Use: (pre-soak pans, flushing cannulated items, manual sink scrub) Dilute ProEZ AW Quad with water at a minimum of 68-110°F (20-43°C). In warm water ProEZ AW Quad works in as little as 1 minute making it the fastest acting enzymatic detergent on the market.

• Automated cleaning equipment: ProEZ AW Quad may be used in ultrasonic instrument cleaning equipment and automated endoscopic reprocessors (AERs) set from 90-120°F (32-49°C). The diluted cleaning solution should be changed more frequently when used at higher temperatures.

• Automated washers: ProEZ AW Quad is effective for the enzyme or pre-wash cycle at 90-120°F (32-49°C). It is tested and validated to provide effective cleaning in the main wash cycle up to 150°F (65°C).

Store concentrated product according to label recommendations, avoiding proximity to heat generating equipment and continuous storage conditions of 86°F (27°C) or higher.

Note: Blood soils should be rinsed off instruments using cool water below 90°F (32°C) before using processes or cleaning equipment operating at 120°F (49°C) or higher. High heat will coagulate and fixate blood to instruments and prevent full cleaning.