Cleaning Scorecard Checklist Helps You Determine the Best Cleaning Method

Author: Mike Jones, MicroCare Vice President

When selecting a new, long-term critical cleaning process, sorting through all the conflicting claims of the cleaning product manufacturers is a challenge. Many companies only look at the cost of a machine or a drum of solvent. They believe the lowest priced machine or the cheapest cost per gallon is the best choice.

This is not the best method as there are many other factors to consider. You should have your desired outcomes in mind while choosing.

Cycle time and total throughput are important to know up front. The labor required to operate, inspect, test, clean and maintain the equipment is important too. Not to mention other costs. These include electricity and water consumption, any consumables, like filters, needed. Plus, any costs associated with the safe and compliant disposal of spent fluids.

To measure the economies of cleaning, a good method is to start a cleaning scorecard checklist based on total cost-per-part cleaned. The focus of the cleaning scorecard checklist is to ensure a product is cleaned efficiently at the lowest total cost, not just cost per gallon of cleaning fluid.