Case Study #18 — Degreasing Metal Engine Valves

The MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab solves another customer's complex cleaning problem

This customer was a large manufacturer of engines, and needed a better system for degreasing metal engine valves more efficiently. The parts were soiled with cutting oils. The current alkaline cleaner was too slow, too maintenance intensive and too expensive, and it wasn't getting the parts clean enough. Opteon™ SF79 did the job faster and more consistently, with higher throughput. See the before and after comparison photos, which are included in the video. Opteon™ SF79 works in existing vapor degreasers and quickly cleans and dries parts, getting them ready for the next process.

In general, vapor degreasing is faster and more consistent results that aqueous or akaline cleaners. It also demands less fluid maintenance. The MicroCare Critical Cleaning Lab is the ultimate critical cleaning resource for innovation, testing and support. Our chemists and field engineers will work closely with you to help solve your toughest cleaning challenges.