Energy Savings in Metal Parts Cleaning

Get greater energy savings in metal parts cleaning with vapor degreasing. Vapor degreasing is a proven technology originally developed in the 1940s to clean aviation parts. Today, energy demands and growing environmental concerns are generating renewed interest in vapor degreasing since it uses little electricity and operates without water.

Modern vapor degreasers use updated environmentally-progressive fluids to deliver consistent and safe cleaning results. These innovative fluids are engineered with just the right characteristics (boiling point, specific gravity and surface tension) to wet every surface, getting into and out of tiny apertures to remove contaminants and residue. They also offer high solvency which allows them to rigorously clean surfaces and displace stubborn soils.

Many of the modern cleaning fluids have a low boiling point and low heat of vaporization meaning the vapor degreaser can start up quickly and requires little heat input to run. Typical cleaning cycles vary from 5 to 15 minutes per batch and the parts come out clean, dry, and immediately ready for packaging or further processing. Since vapor degreasing cleans and dries parts in just one step, there is no need for blowers, air knives or any other drying method that uses power. This translates into less energy consumption and an overall cost savings.