Go Green with Critical Cleaning

It is possible to Go Green with critical cleaning. In today’s demanding manufacturing environment, parts must leave the production floor perfectly clean, dry and ready for post-processing. Oils, dust, metal particulate and other production debris must be removed to ensure the next steps like painting, plating or welding are successfully completed.

One of the best (and green-friendly) ways to achieve parts cleanliness is by using a vapor degreaser and modern metal cleaning fluids. Vapor degreasing is a common cleaning process used by manufacturers because it is safe, fast and affordable. It is also an environmentally-sound way to clean metal parts.

A vapor degreaser is not only a parts cleaner but also a continuous recovery and recycling system. The cleaning fluid is recycled and purified for reuse in the vapor degreaser many times. The boiling fluid and vapors combine to clean and dry the contaminated parts inside. This recycling happens for hundreds of hours before the cleaning fluid needs to be refreshed or replaced, making cleaning environmentally-friendly.