It's Easy to Cost Justify Vapor Degreasing

Many companies use some sort of precision cleaning during their manufacturing processes. This video summarizes the best way to cost justify the change from aqueous cleaning to cleaning fluid cleaning.

Cost Justify Green Vapor Degreasing

High quality cleaning often is used in industry to remove residues, particulates, oils or inorganics which are created during various manufacturing processes. The challenge is to identify a critical cleaning processes that is highly effective, reliable, affordable, safe and environmentally acceptable.

In decades past, vapor degreasing always was the cleaning method of choice because cleaning fluid-based cleaners met all of those requirements. About 30 years ago many manufacturers switched to “greener” water-based cleaning systems only to be surprised by their operating costs, complex maintenance, slow throughput and large footprints. Today, many of those cleaning systems are being retired due to age, maintenance and costs. Companies are taking this opportunity to evaluate the deployment of cleaning fluid cleaning in modern, tight vapor degreasers.

New capabilities have turned the cleaning world upside down. Today, there are many new cleaning fluids which are highly effective, safe, environmentally friendly and affordable. New vapor degreasers are tighter, simpler, and highly affordable. In fact, many manufacturers and engineers are discovering that a properly designed and maintained vapor degreaser can be more environmentally friendly than an aqueous-based cleaning system, as the most effective cleaning process and overall the lower-cost option.