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How does Good Vibrations enhance the cleaning action of ultrasonic devices?

First, it is non-foaming. Foaming detergents will interfere with the energy transmission that is essential for effective ultrasonic cleaning action. Good Vibrations also contains penetrating agents to increase the cleaning action in crevices and hinges of small instruments.

Can Good Vibrations be used on delicate dental and eye instruments?

Yes, the Good Vibrations formula is designed for effective cleaning without the extreme alkalinity and harsh cleaning agents found in some other instrument detergents. As with all cleaning processes, it is recommended to rinse instruments thoroughly after cleaning to remove all traces of detergent residue, and in the case of eye instruments, DI or sterile…

What is Good Vibrations?

Good Vibrations is a detergent-based cleaner that meets the demand for non-enzymatic, more environmentally friendly products for use in ultrasonic instrument cleaning devices.

Is Good Vibrations safe for cleaning anodized aluminum instrument cassettes?

Yes, Good Vibrations is an excellent cleaner for cassette-based instrument management systems.

We are having trouble with corrosion of instruments during the cleaning process. Will Good Vibrations reduce the incidence of corrosion?

Good Vibrations contains special anti-corrosive agents. In laboratory tests on corrosion - prone dental burs, curets and instrument box locks with high carbon steel, Good Vibrations protected against corrosion even after prolonged cleaning cycles. Please note: even plain tap water and de-ionized water are highly corrosive so it is not recommended to subject delicate instruments…

What is the recommendation for using and changing the cleaning solution in ultrasonic instrument equipment?

For most effective ultrasonic cleaning action, ensure that the tank is not over-filled with instruments and that the ultrasonic detergent solution completely covers all items. The common use of “pony tail holders” or other type of elastics to hold instruments together is convenient but will inhibit cleaning action.The frequency for changing cleaning solutions is generally…