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Why are water based disinfectants like ProSpray wipes often recommended by equipment and upholstery manufacturers?

Testing that simulates over one year of clinical use confirms that ProSpray wipes have minimal effects on equipment surfaces especially when compared to disinfectants with high alcohol, quaternary ammoniums, bleach actives, peroxides and solvent chemicals. Products with aggressive chemicals may claim fast kill times but the trade-off is equipment damage such as cracking, hazing and…

What are the chemical actives in ProSpray wipes and are they safe?

The actives in ProSpray wipes are dual synthetic phenolics, a new generation of phenolic chemistry that combines reliable antimicrobial action with a low toxicity profile for the user. Lab testing on file with the EPA allows approval to use ProSpray wipes with no glove requirement in the absence of biohazards. This is a great benefit…

What are ProSpray wipes?

ProSpray wipes are a ready-to-use surface disinfectant/cleaner in a convenient pre-saturated towelette format. This product combines detergents for cleaning with a three minute contact time for broad spectrum antimicrobial action. ProSpray wipes deodorize with a light lemon scent creating a more pleasant environment for both healthcare workers and patients.

Will ProSpray wipes meet CDC and OSHA guidelines for disinfecting my facility?

Yes. ProSpray wipes are EPA registered (46851-12) with tested power to kill the benchmark organism M. tuberculosis var. bovis (TB), they are rated as an intermediate-level disinfectant recommended for cleaning and disinfection in all settings where there is a likelihood of blood and body soils or visible blood and body soils. ProSpray wipes also kill…

What are major advantages of the water based ProSpray formula?

• ProSpray wipes quickly remove blood and other soils. If soils are left on surfaces they may block disinfectants from killing germs.• ProSpray wipes stay fully saturated to help maintain contact time. Alcohol based disinfectants tend to “wick out” causing waste as the top wipe may be too dry to use. Alcohol based wipes may also…

How does Good Vibrations enhance the cleaning action of ultrasonic devices?

First, it is non-foaming. Foaming detergents will interfere with the energy transmission that is essential for effective ultrasonic cleaning action. Good Vibrations also contains penetrating agents to increase the cleaning action in crevices and hinges of small instruments.