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Case Study
Midwest Electronics Company Selects Better Stencil Rolls, Saves Money

A large electronics OEM near Chicago, Illinois was concerned about their stencil printing costs. Despite their best efforts, they observed persistent stencil printing problems which led to increased rework, reduced through-put and added costs. To respond to this situation, and as a general effort of “continuous improvement” they developed and deployed a systematic, reliable stencil…

Case Study
PCB Repair Depot Reduces Costs With Better Cleaning Tools and Fluids

The ChallengeBenchtop cleaning of PCBs is a tough challenge for process engineers. Dip-and-brush cleaning is an inexpensive but slow method that often leaves residues to migrate across circuits.Traditional high-pressure aerosols are convenient but can be expensive, environmentally wasteful and people don’t like breathing all those fumes. MicroCare offers a better way to clean circuit boards. There…

Case Study
Midwest Manufacturer Reduces Energy Costs with Vapor Degreasing

Aqueous cleaning is a common and reliable cleaning choice for many companies. But one of the big disadvantages of water cleaning is the cost of electricity. A general rule-of-thumb is that any aqueous cleaning system will use ten times the energy of a vapor degreaser of comparable capacity. Water cleaning systems use far more electricity…

Case Study
Solvents Tested by NASA for Critical Cleaning Tasks

NASA, the U.S. space agency, has a unique emphasis on reliability. NASA products are extremely expensive, have long operational lives, work with almost infinite sensitivity and operate in the harshest environment of all — outer space. So, it is reasonable that NASA is very cautious about introducing new technologies because problems, if any, may not…

Case Study
Satellite TV Repair Depot Changes Cleaning; Cuts Costs and Improves Worker Safety

A large repair company in the eastern U.S. is dedicated to maintaining satellite TV set-top boxes on behalf of one of the big satellite operators. This company cleans and repairs about 80,000 set-top boxes monthly. After repairing each box, they would use a fresh lint-free wipe and a liquid spray cleaner on each box to remove…

Case Study
Using MicroCare Fluids for Dewaxing in Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Dewaxing Process Enables Major Improvement in Through-put and SafetyA MicroCare client was among the very first companies in the US to deploy Opteon™ SF79 fluid. Importantly, this product isn’t used in a traditional degreasing application but in another process. It is used to remove wax from parts made using metal injection molding (MIM). This innovation helps the company…