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Comparison of Nonflammable Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid with IPA Alcohol

This one page technical note lists the many differences between ordinary rubbing alcohol which is often used to clean fiber optic end-faces and a proper, engineered, fast-drying cleaning fluid.

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Best Practices for Cleaning MIL DTL 38999 Connectors

This presentation explains the special circumstances of military (hardened) fiber optic connectors and suggests specific tools and procedures for cleaning these devices.

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Best Practices for Cleaning ODC Connectors

This brief powerpoint highlights the best tools and techniques for cleaning fiber to the antenna installations, particularly using AARC, ODC and RDC connectors. The document also explains the sources of contamination and suggests specific cleaning tools for the task.

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5G Network Reliability - How Training and Tools Help

5G wireless technology has started to infiltrate networks around the world. Estimates are that there will be 1.9 billion subscribers by 2024 and reaching 65 percent of the world’s population. This makes it the fastest generation rolled out on a global scale[1]. This new technology requires the extensive deployment of network infrastructure. It also requires…

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Don't Let Dirt on Fiber End-Faces Derail Your Cell Phone Network

Today’s mobile users demand speedy, reliable and omnipresent wireless connections. Fiber is  the technology of choice for mobile towers because of the insatiable demand for more and more bandwidth. Thus cell towers that once had three antennas for coverage may have two dozen antennas, and the best technology to move all that data is fiber.…

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Best Practices for Cleaning MT and ARINC801 Connectors

This presentation documents the optimal technique to use when cleaning MT connectors and ARINC 801 connectors used on many fiber optic networks. It also shows they numerous types of contamination found on these connectors and explains the sources of those contaminates.