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Continuous Progress

Since the dawn of the space age, the world has seen continuous progress in the functionality of electronics, medical devices, telecommunication products and more. It makes sense that to meet our customers’ needs, MicroCare also has changed and evolved. At the heart of this change, MicroCare has pioneered dozens, maybe hundreds, of critical cleaning innovations.

At MicroCare, change is an opportunity to learn, to adapt and to grow. We have a strategic commitment to find problems, fix problems and roll those changes out to clients around the world. Sometimes MicroCare has our answers commercially available even before clients discover they have a problem.

At MicroCare, innovation involves five steps:


Finding innovative chemistries that work better than existing choices.


Develop unique processes and packaging, so the cost-per-cleaning is as low as possible.


Surround the cleaners with unswerving customer support, so the products always are used properly, safely and cost-effectively.


Eager and early implementation of regulatory requirements.


A complete commitment to product quality.

Timeline of Our Innovation


Introduced economy-size flux remover aerosols. The larger package helps to reduce landfill burden by reducing packaging waste.


Introduced the first aerosol cleaning products featuring fluids with ultra-low Global Warming impact HFO solvents.

Commercialized a totally new “co-solvent” fluid for cleaning PCBs and removing fluxes without the use of chlorinated additives.


Deployed the industry’s first device to automatically measure and calibrate the proportion of solids in PTFE fluids, an innovation greatly appreciated by medical device manufacturers.


Perfected and commercialized the industry’s first nonflammable carrier fluid for silicone lubricants, which significantly improved safety, compliance and validation in medical device manufacturing.


The industry’s first aerosol circuit board cleaning products that are compliant with the new “Globally Harmonized System” of safety labeling and transportation.


The introduction of the VOC-Free Flux Remover — UltraClean™ a product that set new standards in environmental performance (low GWP, VOC elimination, GHS compliance, REACH compliance, etc., all in one package).


The Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaning sticks are awarded their US patent, recognizing their innovation in making today’s high-speed fiber optic networks operate better, faster and more affordably.


The first commercialization of a new nonflammable propellant, called “HFO”, which almost completely eliminates global warming caused by aerosol propellants. Eventually, the whole industry will follow MicroCare leadership on this issue.


The introduction of the first affordable flux remover specifically engineered for the benchtop cleaning of lead-free fluxes, the “Lead-Free Flux Remover — PowerClean™”. PowerClean™ remains unique as the only cleaner that actually prevents white residues from forming on PCBs.


In the post “9-11” world, MicroCare pioneers the first shipment of cleaning fluids in “travel-safe” packaging which permits containers of cleaning fluids to be carried on to commercial aircraft.

MicroCare made the introduction of the first nonhazardous, nonflammable high purity cleaning fluid specifically engineered for cleaning fiber optic connectors, replacing heavily-loaded VOC materials.


The first introduction of a non-azeotropic ozone-safe HFC cleaning fluid — the Heavy Duty Flux Remover-SuprClean™ — which broke all the existing price/performance standards. SuprClean was subsequently issued a patent in 2005.


The introduction of the first siloxane-based flux remover, No-Clean Flux Remover-VeriClean™ which remains a best-seller because of the exceptional compatibility, environmental, health, cleaning performance and cost benefits it delivers.


The first introduction of the ozone-safe, lower global warming impact aerosol propellant, HFC-134a. Eventually, the whole industry followed MicroCare leadership on this issue.


In a revolutionary development, MicroCare VDX was introduced to replace PFC carrier fluids for the medical device industry. (PFCs are among the most egregious global warming materials ever invented.)


The pioneering introduction of high purity lint-free understencil wipes came from MicroCare in 1996. This development of a new type of fabric, not paper, has allowed companies to explore the limits of SMT printing at affordable yields.


The first aerosol commercialization of the CFC-alternative HCFC-141b, which made it possible for the electronics industry to phase out ozone-depleting CFCs more quickly than other industries.


Originally pioneered by Lockheed, MicroCare commercialized the JetClean™ pneumatic benchtop circuit board cleaning system. This was the first (and so far only) affordable alternative to benchtop ultrasonic cleaners because it uses inexpensive flammable solvents safely.


The hugely successful TidyPen™ was introduced. The “60 Second Sticky Stuff Remover” has been a favorite of electronics companies for more than two decades.


The first commercialization of a mil-spec qualified non-CFC cleaner, now called Alcohol-enhanced Flux Remover — ProClean™. This enabled a number of large companies deeply involved in military electronics to migrate away from CFCs.


The first version of the TriggeGrip™ dispensing tool was introduced, which saved money by allowing the aerosol cans to last longer while providing better cleaning. A patent on the unique design of the TriggerGrip™ was issued a few years later.

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